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World’s most popular Estonian liqueur presents:


Travel compass points to a city where you should go as soon as possible, of course Vana Tallinn as a fellow traveller!

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If you would have to choose an era, it would be...

  • Ancient - philosophers and pillars, a glass of extra courage after a gladiator fight
  • Renaissance - art and discovering the world, bountiful dinners and walks in royal parks
  • Future - exciting and unpredictable, molecular gastronomy and a visit to 7D cinema


Your taste buds are triggered by...

  • Strong spices and plentiful of aroma
  • The silkiness and luxury of cream
  • Freshness and warm spices


A night out with friends means...

  • Beach, picnic and a fantastic sunset
  • Giving toasts and telling stories in the Drawing Room
  • Cocktail clubbing in the hottest new venue in town


For a morning walk you would choose...

  • A small grassy countryside walkway
  • An elegant shopping street in a big city
  • A medieval square with plentiful of cafes


You can't say no to...

  • A rich Pasta Bolognese
  • An aromatic medium rare steak
  • A chocolate cake and coffee


Best entertainment for you is...

  • Black tie style night in an opera
  • An underground music concert in a festival
  • A book, Russian classic with a glass of sweet cocktail


Architecture wise your favourites are...

  • Baroque castles and symmetric parks
  • Strong medieval forts with high walls
  • Functional and minimal houses


Soundtrack of your life is...

  • Italo-disco, makes your hips hip
  • Wagner's powerful theme song in Ride of the Valkyries
  • Rules what? Rock'n'roll all the way


Your living room could use a piece from...

  • Salvador Dali, king of surrealism
  • Vassily Kandinsky, master of abstractions
  • Claude Monet, father of impressionism


You travel...

  • By plane, it's fast and easy
  • By train, because of nice chats and fellow travellers
  • By car, your way or no way, there is no other way

Your city is Copenhagen –
Forerunner in Comfortable Living

This design capital is the best place to cruise on a bike, modern art and world class architecture passing by on your left and right. And straight ahead. This is the place where trends for Nordic cuisine are set, this is where Vana Tallinn Winter Spice goes hand in hand with sweet temptations and intellectual conversations.

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Your city is Barcelona –
Home of Feeling Free

You want to get lost in the narrow streets of Barcelona. Gothic Quarter with colourful boutiques, fish restaurants along the sea, Gaudi houses and tapas places make you stop constantly. That is why Vana Tallinn Lemon on the rocks tastes just refreshingly fantastic. You cheer with the brightest stars in the sky.

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Your city is London –
Centre of Fashion and Culture

London is where past, present and future go hand in hand! The best parties and the flashiest boutiques, share the story of Vana Tallinn with your new fab friends. Vana Tallinn Daiquiri with crushed ice and lime wedge in a cool cocktail glass goes very well with the funky beat of London town.

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Your city is St Petersburg –
Venice of the North

What a perfect destination full of imperial swing. After the grand palaces and even grander museums you find yourself people watching in a busy street cafe. A creamy shot of Vana Tallinn in front of you, centre of attention.

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Your city is Rome –
City of the Gladiators

Your city is ancient Rome! You know how to enjoy a moment and good company, latter including a glass of Vana Tallinn, on the rocks. A fantastic view opens up to the Colosseum, a rocky memory of brutal battles and cheering crowd.

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